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Dr. Sharp smiling

June is National Smile Month

The Power of a Smile Power is given to things that can impact, influence and change things in a profound way. Having that said, there is an immense power found within a smile. A smile conveys feelings of happiness, hope and positivity to anyone who sees it. When you smile, you are sending a message

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hands using cleaning solution to prevent covid-19

Dealing with COVID-19 Fears

Now more than ever we have extra care protocols in place to ensure our patients and staff continue feeling safe regarding the Covid-19 “new reality”. However, it is crucial that the general public understands oral health is critical to overall health, as well as a healthy and robust immune system necessary to fight diseases like

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Dr. Sharp at his table ready to respond to dental emergencies

Dental emergencies in times of coronavirus

Maintaining healthy teeth and gums is a good way to support your immune system during the coronavirus outbreak. However, the unexpected can happen and you may face dental emergencies for a variety of reasons: loose tooth, severe toothache, gums aching, swollen jaw, dental abscess, inflammation around wisdom teeth, etc. On such occasions, there’s no doubt

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Dr sharp dentistry holiday smile

healthy tips for a sparkling holiday smile!

1. Do your regular dental check-ups. It is very important to have regular dental examinations. Usually, they should be done at least twice a year (every 6 months) for the majority of patients. Regular dental check-ups will detect early dental cavities, gingival diseases, including periodontitis, screen for oral cancer, detect of TMJ (temporomandibular) dysfunction, and

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