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How Robotic-Assisted Treatment Improves Implant Outcomes

Robotic-assisted treatment has shown promise in improving implant outcomes in various medical procedures. While the specific applications and benefits may vary depending on the type of implant and procedure. What Is Robot-Assisted Surgery? Robot-assisted surgery...

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No need for Dentures with the all on 4 procedure

The “All-on-4” dental implant procedure is a revolutionary technique designed to replace a full arch of missing teeth with a fixed prosthesis supported by only four dental implants. This treatment aims to provide patients with...

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What Our In-House Dental Lab means for Quality and Service

Sharp Dentistry dental laboratory is state-of-the-art. We fabricate dental components onsite using the finest quality materials and standards to assure you of a long-lasting precision fit. Dental crowns, dental bridges, and dental laminates are all...

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What Can I Do to Get A “Hollywood Smile” in Miami?

Achieving a “Hollywood smile,” which typically refers to a perfectly white, straight, and dazzling set of teeth, often involves a combination of dental treatments, cosmetic procedures, and good oral hygiene. Here are steps to help...

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