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It is important to avoid ignoring the earliest signs of gum disease as it may be challenging to reverse. We should take action at the earliest stage of gum disease (gingivitis) to avoid advancing to periodontitis resulting in tooth loss or other more severe health issues. This is why at Sharp Dentistry & Associates we offer effective and affordable periodontal disease treatment in locations such as Miami, FL. Our specialists understand that not every patient
Mostly, people with one or more missing teeth are likely to suffer from poor self-esteem as this problem can even compromise oral health. Thanks to the advancement of technology in the dental industry, missing teeth actually have a perfect solution, called dental implants. With many patients starting to discover the benefits of dental implants in Miami, FL, Sharp Dentistry is offering the best dental implants in the market at affordable prices. We are one of
If You’re Missing One Or More Teeth, You Have Options When It Comes To How To Best Replace Them. However, One Method Shines As The Gold Standard, And This Post Explains Why It’s Often The Best Solution. At Sharp Dentistry in Miami, Florida, Dr. Bruno Sharp and our extensive team of dental experts help you enjoy a lifetime of beautiful smiles. If you’re missing one or more teeth, your smile may not be as nice as you’d like. Dr. Sharp offers several
If You’re Missing One Tooth Or Many, You May Be Aware That Loss Affects More Than Just Your Smile. You Want A Solution That’s Permanent, So Dental Implants May Be Right For You. When it comes to good dental health, Americans don’t do such a good job. According to the CDC, by the time teenagers are 17, roughly 7% of them have lost a minimum of one permanent tooth to decay or gum disease. That number skyrockets
Your Periodontist Is A Fully Trained And Licensed Dentist, Just Like A Cardiologist Is A Fully Trained And Licensed Internal Medicine Physician First. Periodontist Versus Dentist: There is a Difference! Your periodontist is a fully trained and licensed dentist, just like a cardiologist is a fully trained and licensed internal medicine physician first. While referrals aren’t necessary, your regular dentist may send you to a periodontist for more in-depth oral health assessments and treatment. Your