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Even If Your Teeth Work Well, You Can Be Embarrassed By Cosmetic Flaws, Like Minor Cracks, Irregular Shaping, Gaps, And More. If You Dream Of A Perfect Smile Free Of These Flaws, Consider Seeing Bruno Sharp, CD, MS, DDS, For Veneers At Sharp Dentistry & Associates In Coconut Grove, Florida. Veneers Are An Easy Way To Fix Teeth Imperfections With Minimal Effort And Time. To Learn More, Contact The Team At Sharp Dentistry & Associates Over The Phone Via The Online Booking Tool.

What are veneers?

Dental veneers are paper-thin tooth coverings. They’re made from porcelain or composite ceramic resin. Veneers hug the contours of your teeth to mask and correct smile imperfections like:

At his practice, Bruno Sharp, CD, DDS, MS, also places veneers to hide dentin discoloration and heavy enamel staining that doesn’t respond to bleaching.
He makes sure that the new veneers match or enhance your natural smile by customizing their color, shape, and size.

How do you place veneers?

If after your initial appointment, Dr. Sharp determines that veneers are right for you, he schedules you for two follow-up visits to place them.

During the first follow-up visit, your Sharp Dentistry & Associates team gently files away an extremely thin layer of your surface enamel. The goal is to make space for your veneers to rest comfortably against your teeth and sit naturally.

Next, your team takes impressions and digital images of your teeth, which they then send to the lab where engineers fabricate them to fit perfectly. Before you go home, Dr. Sharp outfits you with temporary veneers to protect your newly filed teeth.

When your veneers arrive a few weeks later, your team removes your temporary veneers and often re-etch your teeth for better adhesion. Then, they fit your permanent veneers to your teeth and make any necessary adjustments (e.g., trimming the veneers).

Once Dr. Sharp and his team are satisfied that your veneers are comfortable and look how you want them, he bonds them in place.

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