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The mouth is the visible gateway to the rest of the body and reflects what is happening deep inside. Oral health problems can have an adverse effect on the quality of life and are more prevalent in older adults but are not necessarily caused by aging. Studies indicate that population with good oral care require less health care dollar expenditures. Thirteen percent of the U.S. population is considered older, or over the age of 65,
No matter how much you love your smile and take great care of your teeth, it is recommended to follow these tips in order to avoid emergency trips to the dentist’s office in the holiday season. ‍1. Do not crack nutshells with your teeth. ‍You know how important proteins are for your body. They help to keep muscles and bones strong but you should not test the strength of your teeth by shelling nuts with
Do your regular dental check-ups. It is very important to have regular dental examinations. Usually, they should be done at least twice a year (every 6 months) for the majority of patients. Regular dental check-ups will detect early dental cavities, gingival diseases, including periodontitis, screen for oral cancer, detect of TMJ (temporomandibular) dysfunction, and evaluate for parafunctional habits. It consists of a through intra, extraoral, and dental examination by your doctor accompanied by radiographs.  
Your oral health is more important than you might realize. Learn how the health of your mouth, teeth, and gums can affect your general health. Did you know that your oral health offers clues about your overall health — or that problems in your mouth can affect the rest of your body? Protect yourself by learning more about the connection between your oral health and overall health. What’s the connection between oral health and overall

The Truth About Dental Mercury Implants

Posted on August 26, 2019
Sam Ziff & Michael F. Ziff, D.D.S. It is apparent that more and more people in the world are becoming aware of the fact that they may be walking around with a “Toxic Time Bomb” in their mouths. We estimate that in the latter part of 1990 alone, 40 million people learned that the “silver” dental fillings in their teeth were really mercury fillings and that they were continuously being exposed to mercury vapor released