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dental fillings with and without mercury

Did you know dental amalgam silver fillings contain approximately 50% mercury?

Mercury-containing dental fillings placed into people’s mouths constitute the largest use of the elemental form of this toxic substance, according to IAOMT Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors Jack Kall, DMD. “Mercury has been banned from a gamut of other consumer products, and a growing number of countries are ending the use of dental

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Kids using Dr. Sharp product for their oral health

Oral Health Key Facts From WHO (World Health Organization)

Oral diseases pose a major health burden for many countries and affect people throughout their lifetime, causing pain, discomfort, disfigurement and even death. Even more, these diseases share common risk factors with other major chronic diseases. Here are some key facts about oral health by the World Health Organization: Oral diseases affect nearly 3.5 billion

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Dr. Sharp at his office, specialist in preventive dentistry

Anti-Aging Preventive Dentistry: What You Need To Know

Dr. Bruno Sharp of Sharp Dentistry & Associates is changing the lives of his patients every day. As a prosthodontist and 4th generation dentist, Dr. Sharp specializes in the restoration and replacement of teeth, anti-aging preventive dentistry and is commonly heralded as “a plastic surgeon of dentistry.” Prosthodontists collaborate with general dentists, orthodontists, periodontists, plastic

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Dr. Sharp at his table ready to respond to dental emergencies

Dental emergencies in times of coronavirus

Maintaining healthy teeth and gums is a good way to support your immune system during the coronavirus outbreak. However, the unexpected can happen and you may face dental emergencies for a variety of reasons: loose tooth, severe toothache, gums aching, swollen jaw, dental abscess, inflammation around wisdom teeth, etc. On such occasions, there’s no doubt

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group of people taking a selfie

Brighter Smiles This Spring With Veneers

Porcelain veneers are an ideal cosmetic solution for everyone who desires a beautiful smile! Veneers can improve your facial appearance and boost your confidence. If you weren’t born with the smile you want, or the quality of your teeth and your smile has diminished over time, you can achieve a brighter smile with veneers. Veneers

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