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Dr. Sharp treating a patient on his office

All specialties for all your dental needs.

Convenience, comprehensive care and exceptional patient experience are Sharp Dentistry’s top priorities. This is the reason why our clinic offers all dental specialists you may need under one roof and supports them with the latest CAD, CAM and a CAT- scan technology to enhance their patient’s treatment plans and follow-up care. It’s a solution that

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The smile you will soon be showing the world

Digital Smile Design (DSD) is a treatment planning protocol that allows for careful analysis of the patient’s facial and dental structures through state-of-the-art digital technology. Today, the DSD concept is considered the most modern, patient-centered design approach available. Digital Smile Design is a personalized experience for the patient, allowing the smile design to be fully

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Know beforehand what your new smile will look

Who wouldn’t like to have a perfect smile? Actually, that’s what everyone looks for when they visit a dentist. And the good news is that now, at Sharp Dentistry, no one has to wonder what the result of any suggested procedure will be. All this thanks to a tool called Digital Smile Design or simply

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What is a Prosthodontist and the dental specialty of Prosthodontics?

If you have a dental problem and you’re not sure who is best to deal with it, remember that only a prosthodontist has extended training in several areas of restorative dentistry, including dental implants, crowns, bridges, complete dentures, partial dentures, all esthetics including veneers, occlusion and facial and dental birth development defects. They are also

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MIami Beach

Patients combine dental care with a sunny and happy Miami vacation!

Most tourists who seek dental solutions and treatments outside their cities or countries look for top specialists when advanced oral rehabilitation is required, and a sunny and happy destination to enjoy while going through treatment. In most cases, and most importantly, it’s the rehabilitation of oral health that motivates each patient. A smile is worth

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