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Periodontics in the field of dentistry dedicated to the maintenance and treatment of the supporting structures of the teeth or periodontia. At Prosthodontic Dentistry of South Florida in Coconut Grove, we have specialists with expertise in Periodontics and Prosthodontics.

The periodontia can be mainly affected by two types of disease: gingivitis or periodontitis. Gingivitis is confined to the gingiva or gums, with no loss of the supporting bone. Periodontitis is the decaying of bone and related structures that help to support the tooth leading to tooth loss. This is caused by infection underneath the gums. This process can be accelerated by many risk factors such as: plaque build-up, genetic predisposition, smoking and others. Nowadays, gum disease have been related to many systemic condition including heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, pre-term low birth weight and others.

The treatment of gingivitis usually involves a professional cleaning and, sometimes, the use of local or systemic medication to aid in the control of the disease process. The treatment of periodontitis may involve deep cleaning, use of medications, gum surgery, bone regeneration, extraction and replacement of missing teeth by means of dental implant. Once the initial infective process is controlled, maintenance cleaning and periodic examination are crucial to control the disease process in the long term.

Some periodontal treatment offered in our office are listed below:

  • Deep cleaning
  • Local delivery antibiotics
  • Laser treatment of the gum
  • Frenectomy
  • Crown lengthening for esthetic or restorative purpose
  • Gingivectomy or osseous surgery. Sometimes combined with bone regeneration
  • Periodontal plastic surgery and soft tissue graft for treatment of recession and/or gingival augmentation
  • Ridge preservation and bone graft with guided tissue regeneration (membrane)
  • Block grafts
  • Sinus lift