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4 Reasons to Prioritize Implants Quality over Cost

Low-Cost Dental Implants might damage your smile.You get what you pay for is a cliche for a reason. This is true even more so in dentistry, and notably about dental implants. Many misleading advertisements are advertising cheap implant procedures in the media. Unfortunately, these deals rarely match up to their claims.

Only the best quality dental implants that have undergone extensive clinical testing and proven effective are used at Sharp Dentistry & Associates. Adhering to a patient-centric attitude, prices should be up-front and honest, with no surprises. Today, we’ll talk about the recent popularity of inexpensive dental implants and the information you’ll need to make a well-informed choice about your care.

Here are the four worst things about inexpensive dental implants:

  1. Expensive Dental Implant Add-Ons

Hidden costs are a general approach used in these deceptive ads. An implant is merely one element of the therapy that isn’t included in ads like “dental implants for $995”. A dental implant is worthless without the additional investment of an abutment (connection) and dental crown on top of the initial expense of the implant itself.

Consider how disheartening it would be to have dental implant surgery only to learn that you need to pay an additional $2,000 before you can start using the implant.

  1. Dental Implants of Poor Quality

Only a select few companies provide dental implants of consistently high quality. Implants may be purchased from generic firms for as low as a few hundred dollars, which is a sad reality given the proliferation of such businesses. This may seem enticing initially, but these businesses refrain from subjecting their products to stringent testing.

Essentially, these items reach store shelves without ever being tested in a clinical setting. Therefore, no proof exists that theirsterility makes them fit for human consumption. Infections, bone loss, fractures, and other unanticipated problems can all become far more likely after receiving a generic implant.

  1. Recycling Old Machinery

Unfortunately, some dentists will use shady practices to increase their bottom line. Some materials must be periodically replaced to ensure safe and effective treatment, even though most dental equipment is designed to be reused after disinfection. For instance, dental implant surgery relies on the quality and reliability of the drills used in the procedure.

Although they can be used repeatedly, they will eventually need to be replaced. For financial reasons, some surgeons will repurpose used drills. Overheating the bone, slow healing, or even implant failure are all possible outcomes of this problem.

  1. Knowledgeable Surgeon Experience

Dental implants are a long-term investment, so choosing a Miami dentist with the training and expertise to complete the procedure is essential. More seasoned surgeons typically charge more than their less seasoned counterparts. The quality of the doctor is often reflected in the expense of their services.

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