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5 Great Reasons to Whiten Your Teeth

If You’re On The Fence About Whitening Your Teeth, Take A Look At Some Of The Most Popular Reasons People Opt For This Cosmetic Dental Treatment. A Few Of Them May Surprise You.

Teeth whitening is more popular than ever — 37 million Americans used an at-home or professional teeth whitening system in 2020 alone.

If you’ve been thinking about joining them, but can’t decide whether it’s right for you, take a look at the main reasons our satisfied patients here at Sharp Dentistry & Associates choose to brighten their pearly whites.

Dr. Bruno Sharp and our extensive team of dental professionals offer comprehensive oral health services that keep your mouth healthy and your smile looking spectacular. Here’s a closer look at our teeth whitening treatment and the top five reasons people choose it.

Why your teeth aren’t white

Your teeth wear a coat of hard enamel that protects the inner tooth from bacteria and gives your smile that bright white appearance. Several factors can dim that whiteness, and each requires a different treatment.

Intrinsic discoloration

Several variables can influence the color of your teeth from the inside out. Including:

  • Genetics
  • Medications
  • Disease
  • Infections
  • Decay

Teeth-whitening products won’t improve intrinsic tooth discoloration. For these issues, we turn to veneers or bonding to cover the tooth or teeth and create a whiter, more uniform smile.

Age and wear

Over time, the enamel layer on your teeth breaks down and begins to show the yellow dentin underneath. This is inevitable as you age, but it may happen sooner if you grind your teeth, as the wear and tear speeds up the enamel erosion. Again, veneers and bonding are your best bet for restoring a whiter smile.

Extrinsic discoloration

Extrinsic discoloration refers to anything that stains your tooth enamel on the outside. Some of the most common culprits include:

  • Dark foods and drinks, including tea, coffee, and red wine
  • Chewing tobacco and smoking

Poor oral hygiene can also leave your teeth looking dull and dingy. Rather than paper white, your teeth may be sporting an array of colors, including yellow, brown, gray, brown, or black.

For extrinsic discoloration, we start with a thorough cleaning to remove any surface stains. Often, this is all you need to feel confident about your smile again. But if the stains remain even after a deep cleaning, it’s time to consider teeth whitening.

Teeth whitening options compared

If you’ve decided it’s time to do something about your stained teeth, you have a few options.

1. Whitening toothpaste and mouthwash

These days, it’s hard to find a toothpaste or mouthwash that doesn’t claim to whiten your teeth. These products typically contain an abrasive to scrub away stains and a chemical called blue covarine that adheres to your teeth temporarily, creating the illusion that your teeth are whiter for a while.

2. Over-the-counter teeth whitening kits

You can easily pick up a teeth whitening kit at your local drug store, but keep in mind that this method has several drawbacks:

  • Can be messy
  • May be too weak to remove stains
  • May be too strong, posing a risk to your enamel and gums
  • Takes a long time to see results
  • Provides results that are mild
  • Only treats front teeth

Products sold to the general public are less effective than those used by licensed professionals, so if you have serious stains or discoloration, it’s worth coming to Sharp Dentistry & Associates for thorough evaluation.

3. At-home professional teeth whitening kits

At Sharp Dentistry, we offer two highly effective ways to whiten your teeth safely and quickly. If you prefer to whiten your teeth gradually over a couple of weeks, you can opt for our professional at-home kit. We take impressions of your teeth to make custom-fitting trays that you wear at home for about an hour a day. The results are much better than any at-home kit you’ll find on the shelf.

4. In-office professional teeth whitening

By far, the most dramatic and instant results come from our in-office professional teeth whitening system. After cleaning and prepping your teeth, we protect your gums and other soft tissues, then apply a professional-grade solution of hydrogen peroxide, a strong bleaching agent, and activate it with a special blue light.

In 30-60 minutes, we check the progress. Once your teeth reach their optimum shade, we rinse the solution off your teeth. That’s it! You walk out with teeth that are up to eight shades whiter.

Reasons to get your teeth whitened

Are you still wondering whether teeth whitening is right for you? Consider these five compelling reasons to take the leap:

  1. Remove unsightly stains
  2. Make a better first impression
  3. Help you stop smoking (you’ll think twice about lighting up and spoiling your new smile)
  4. Improve your oral hygiene
  5. Boost your confidence

Discolored teeth may be holding you back in ways you never even imagined. Studies show that your smile is your most memorable feature, so it pays to keep it sparkling white.

If you’re ready to whiten your teeth and improve your life, schedule an appointment by calling our friendly staff or book it online today.