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7 Good Reasons Why You Need Aesthetic Dentistry in Miami

It’s normal to experience a range of negative emotions when you’re missing teeth, has discoloured teeth, or have other problems that prohibit you from showing a brilliant smile. Whether for vanity, pride, or just the desire to let loose and laugh without shame, we can all agree that good oral health and a radiant smile are essential. An attractive smile is undeniable in Miami, FL. Therefore, many people with dental problems can tremendously benefit from aesthetic dentistry in Miami, FL.

Miami residents often choose aesthetic dental care. This is because aesthetic dentistry prioritizes your dental health and aims to improve your appearance. Dr. Bruno Sharp is an aesthetic dentist who can make your smile shine. His team offers a wide range of dental procedures, from fillings and root canals to whitening and straightening your teeth so you may show off your best grin.

Because we understand how important it is to you to look and feel your best, we have created a list of seven reasons why you should consider aesthetic dentistry:

  1. Teeth Contouring and Shaping: AestheticMiami Dentist can reshape your teeth to improve their appearance with procedures such as contouring and shaping. If the ends of your teeth are particularly sharp, we can round them off so you don’t wind up with fake teeth.
  2. Bonding: The appearance of a tooth that is broken or missing a large chunk of it can be somewhat unattractive. Aesthetic dentistry bonding may make your teeth seem completely natural and brand new.
  3. Dental Implants: Implants are the best option if you’re missing a tooth or multiple teeth. Forget about dentures and misleading teeth; these implants will do the job for you. The colour of your implants will be custom matched by your cosmetic dentist to the rest of your teeth for a natural look.
  4. Porcelain Veneers: You may cover up unsightly teeth with these custom-made shells that match your tooth colour. This restoration can be bonded to your teeth to alter their size, form, or colour.
  5. Teeth Whitening: Teeth discoloration can result from several factors, including what we eat and how well we care for our teeth, but it always happens gradually over time.
  6. Total Smile Enhancement: Aesthetic dentistry’s outcome might help you gain confidence in your grin and boost your self-esteem. Your fillings and other dental work will always seem natural and complement the rest of your teeth because of the high quality of the materials utilized.
  7. Tooth-Coloured Restorations: Your cosmetic dentist can match the tint of your fillings to the rest of your teeth. Dr. Bruno Sharp, a dentist in Miami, FL, is an expert in matching tooth colours so patients’ smiles seem radiant and natural.

Take Away!

Aesthetic dentists are highly recommended for correcting misaligned, stained, or absent teeth. Your smile can be improved at Sharp Dentistry & Associates in Miami, FL. You can reach us at 305-857-0990 to schedule an appointment.