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Common Types of Periodontal Diseases We Can Treat at Sharp Dentistry

It is important to avoid ignoring the earliest signs of gum disease as it may be challenging to reverse. We should take action at the earliest stage of gum disease (gingivitis) to avoid advancing to periodontitis resulting in tooth loss or other more severe health issues. This is why at Sharp Dentistry & Associates we offer effective and affordable periodontal disease treatment in locations such as Miami, FL. Our specialists understand that not every patient knows that they have gum disease and how to get rid of it, they professionally help them understand the type of gum disease and periodontal treatment to be provided during the first consultation.

As they are many different varieties of periodontal diseases, they are also many ways these issues may arise. Also, they all require quick treatment from our professional periodontists to help avoid the progression, resulting in saving the gum tissue and bone. To help you understand, in this blog, we share common types of periodontal diseases we can treat at Sharp Dentistry.

Necrotizing Periodontal Disease

Necrotizing periodontal is a type of disease that rapidly worsens and it mostly affects those patients suffering from HIV, malnutrition, chronic stress immunosuppression, or smokers. Due to the rapid worsening, this disease can cause tissue death that frequently affects the periodontal ligament tissue and alveolar bone.

Chronic Periodontal Disease

One of the most common types of the disease is a chronic periodontal disease that frequently affects patients who are over 45. This type of periodontal disease can be easily identified by inflammation below the gum line and increased destruction of the gingival and bone tissue. As they cause the gums to gradually recess, the teeth may appear to be growing in length.

Gingivitis Periodontal Disease

Another common type of periodontitis is gingivitis and it is regarded as the mildest. Gingivitis periodontal disease may be the toxins in plaque and this may result in the progression of the periodontal disease. Pregnant women or those taking birth control pills are at a high risk of developing gingivitis. Also, those with uncontrolled diabetes, steroid users, and people who control blood pressure using the medication can also be affected.

Schedule periodontal disease treatment in Miami, FL

If your gums are affected by any of the above-listed periodontal diseases or they appear red and inflamed, do not hesitate to take action as soon as possible. Consider contacting our professional and experienced team at Sharp Dentistry & Associates. We offer affordable and effective periodontal disease treatment in Miami; FL. feel free to schedule a dentist appointment at our dental clinic to start prompt treatment. Call us at 305-857-0990 or come to 2601 South Bayshore Drive, Ste 760, Miami, FL 33133 to schedule your visit today!