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Dental Health Can Support Immune System During Coronavirus

While we are taking precautionary strict measures to protect our patients and staff from the spread of the virus and following close the WHO, CDC, ADA and health government organizations, we are also concerned about our patients and the population in general to keep healthy teeth and gums to help support their immune system during the Coronavirus. “We are screening patients daily and whether they stay home or come to their emergency dental appointment, we advise them to keep flossing, brushing and taking good care of their teeth and gums to help support a stronger immune system during these times”, advises Dr. Bruno Sharp a prosthodontist specialist in Miami, Fl.

Whether you’ve developed panic from the overload of coronavirus news or you’ve become complacent, whether you’re casual or stressed, the reality is this: All you can do is take care of yourself and be smart and try and keep yourself healthy. The last thing you want to do is slack on your oral health and put that at risk too.There’s absolutely no doubt that dental health and immune system are in strong correlation with each other. Our mouth is the largest point of entry in our whole body, with its organs necessary for the well-being of our entire existence. Therefore, it’s very important to maintain healthy teeth and gums, as cavities and inflamed gums can create perfect breeding environment for disease causing bacteria and regularly leak toxins into our bloodstream. People with periodontal disease conditions like gingivitis, inflammation of the gum tissues, and periodontitis, inflammation of the teeth surrounding tissues, are much more likely to develop heart conditions, strokes and diabetes.

One of the precautions recommended by the CDC in protecting against coronavirus is to avoid touching your face to keep your hands off the places where respiratory disease can be spread to your eyes, nose and mouth. What is the relation to brushing and flossing? None, but you still need to do it.Here are some tips for the oral care routine that can make you feel better:

  • Wash hands. Before your oral care routine wash your hands with soap, thoroughly. Clean under your nails and in between your fingers and rinse and dry them well.
  • Use floss picks. Floss picks are great solution to take with you when you go away from home. Floss picks however have limitations as it limits the user’s ability to reach below the gum line and around each tooth.
  • Use dental floss or dental tape. flossing between teeth is crucial to maintain oral health. both dental floss and dental tape have the same purpose to clean in between your teeth, the dental tape is a flat tape recommended for tighten space between teeth versus dental floss that is rounded. The American Dental Association recommends flossing at least once a day after brushing.
  • Brush regularly – The ADA recommends brushing at least twice a day with a soft bristle brush after meals and replace your toothbrush every three to four months. We recommend to use a natural fluoride-free toothpaste free of chemicals.
  • Use mouthwash – we recommend to use a natural alcohol-free and fluoride-free mouthwash once a day after brushing in the evening.
  • As a last resort, wear gloves. If you want to floss your teeth but you just can’t put your own hands in your mouth right now, wear gloves to do the cleaning protocol.

In short, your oral routine is essential to help support your imune system. Be healthy and safe!

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By Dr. Bruno Sharp


C.D, D.D.S., M.S.