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Healthy tips for a sparkling holiday smile!

  1. Do your regular dental check-ups. It is very important to have regular dental examinations. Usually, they should be done at least twice a year (every 6 months) for the majority of patients. Regular dental check-ups will detect early dental cavities, gingival diseases, including periodontitis, screen for oral cancer, detect of TMJ (temporomandibular) dysfunction, and evaluate for parafunctional habits. It consists of a through intra, extraoral, and dental examination by your doctor accompanied by radiographs.


  1. Schedule your dental cleanings. Regular teeth cleanings are important for healthy teeth and gums. Teeth cleanings remove existing calculus and biofilm (bacterial plaque), especially on areas that are hard to reach by brushing and flossing. Regular teeth cleanings help to prevent gingival inflammation, gingival diseases, halitosis (bad breath), and staining of teeth.


  1. Replace old metal fillings. Amalgams (silver fillings) are very unattractive. They commonly have marginal leakage and can permanently stain teeth. Besides the release of mercury ions that can potentially lead to many diseases, including mercury contamination. Nowadays the white fillings (composite resins) are very resistant and proved great for aesthetics. You match your teeth shade greatly, making it hard to tell you even have a restoration.


  1. Teeth whitening: a great way to impress with a white smile. Do you want to make your teeth instantly whiter? Our in-office teeth whitening is an excellent option and can make your teeth look whiter and your look younger and refreshed.


At our office, we use the Zoom® systems that can brighten your smile in just one-hour treatment.


  1. Correct teeth misalignment. With the advent of Invisalign®, orthodontic treatment just became easier and almost invisible. Patients no longer want to have metal braces and usually opt for a more discreet orthodontic treatment. Crowded and spaced (gapped) teeth can be easily corrected with Invisalign® instead of braces; you can improve your alignment, function, and appearance through a comfortable series of removable aligners. Invisalign® offers excellent dental outcomes with less discomfort than traditional orthodontics.


  1. Replace missing teeth. Missing teeth will influence your smile, speech, digestion, and especially self-confidence. If you have lost one or multiple teeth due to trauma or tooth decay, then dental implant surgery would be an appropriate service to restore your smile. Dental implant surgery replaces tooth roots with metal posts and replaces lost teeth with artificial ones. And it can all be accomplished in a day. Patients nowadays leave the office with implants and provisional crowns with the appearance of natural teeth. Porcelain teeth function like regular teeth and appear natural in the mouth.


  1. Is it time for a Smile Makeover? It is usually possible to improve your smile with a Smile Makeover. The purpose of a Smile Makeover is to restore the function of your smile and enhance it so you can be more vibrant than ever. Depending on your specific needs, your Smile Makeover might include a series of treatments from dental fillings, to whitening, to dental implants to porcelain veneers. And many times that can be done in a day, meaning that patients leave the office with brand new teeth in one appointment.


  1. Clenching or Grinding? Get your teeth protected. If you suffer from bruxism you either clench or grind (or combine both) your teeth. You may unconsciously (or consciously) clench your teeth together during the day or grind them at night, which is called Sleep Bruxism. A mouth guard (night guard) is an acrylic customized made appliance that can help to relax your mastication muscles providing more comfort. They are specially designed to relieve pain caused by bruxing or clenching. It is a customized appliance that should be fabricated by a registered laboratory and adjusted by your dentist.


  1. Dental laser. Do I need it? The use of laser therapy is one of the most advanced ways of treating periodontal diseases. It can be applied to the space between the gum and the tooth, this will concentrate a small amount of laser energy that will aid in reducing the bacteria causing the disease and assist in faster healing of the site.


  1. Correct for worn, discolored or dull enamel. Aging, diet, and smoking can leave your tooth enamel thin, dull and discolored. Dull enamel detracts from a beautiful smile. An excellent option for restoring a bright and beautiful smile is with porcelain veneers. Dental veneers are thin layers of porcelain bonded to the visible surface of the teeth, meant to correct for surface flaws and create a beautiful smile.

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November 2019

By Dr. Luciana Ravazzi