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How Do I Find a Dental Implant Specialist in Miami

Dental implants have become the usual treatment for missing teeth. The single-tooth implant, consisting of a titanium screw, metal abutment, post, and realistic porcelain crown, is an excellent solution for closing unsightly gaps in a smile. It helps stabilize the teeth, stops them from shifting, and fortifies the jawbone. Dental implants can survive for a long time in place of a lost tooth’s root and crowns with regular dental care, such as brushing, flossing, and checkups.

Who Gets Dental Implants?

Our Sharp Dentistry implants specialists Miami considers a number of characteristics to determine if you are a suitable candidate for dental implants. We use imaging technology (such as x-rays) to determine whether or not the patient’s gums and jawbone are healthy and robust enough to support the implant. Before proceeding with implant treatment, it may be required to do corrective operations like periodontal therapy or bone augmentation.

Consider these before choosing best dental implants in Miami:

Ask Your Dentist About Their Degree – A smart decision to considering dental implant is to go to a specialist, a Prosthodontist and then to a Periodontist, which you can find the top experts at Sharp Dentistry. Dr. Bruno Sharp is a Prosthodontist who specializes in placement of implants procedures.
Look at the before and after pictures – Dental implants must look beautiful and operate well. Therefore, it is wise to ask to examine some of your dentist’s previous work before making a final decision.
Read User Ratings and Comments – Online ratings and reviews are a terrific method to gain an unbiased judgment on a patient’s experience from individuals like you who love to provide comments on the web. At Sharp Dentistry & Associates, we have a perfect 4+ star ratings on both Facebook and Google. You can also get referrals from people you know; we’re confident they’ll suggest us.
If you want to restore your smile to its former beauty, you should visit a dentist specializing in implant restorations as soon as possible.