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June is National Smile Month

Power Is Given To Things That Can Impact, Influence And Change Things In A Profound Way. Having That Said, There Is An Immense Power Found Within A Smile. A Smile Conveys Feelings Of Happiness, Hope And Positivity To Anyone Who Sees It.

The Power of a Smile

Power is given to things that can impact, influence and change things in a profound way. Having that said, there is an immense power found within a smile. A smile conveys feelings of happiness, hope and positivity to anyone who sees it. When you smile, you are sending a message to those around you that you are accepted, you are welcome, all is well. It’s pretty amazing to feel its power; I would urge you to try it. As you sit reading this, my guess would be that you are not smiling. Take a few seconds and smile. Do you feel that? I’ve always been amazed at the good mood feelings that begin instantaneously. You feel it in your cheeks, it actually makes you feel lighter, more carefree. It brings about happy thoughts, bringing you to an instant happier mood. Anytime you are having a hard day, a down day, force yourself to smile, even for a few seconds. I promise it will make a difference.

Smiling is linked to a bunch of benefits for a few reasons. One is that a smile is a reflection of happiness. We already know from studies that happier people experience a ton of positive outcomes. Therefore smiling is linked with life benefits because it shares a room with happiness. The other fact is that people are treated differently when they smile.

Smiling and Social Health

So, smiling is great… but how, exactly? Well, as we just saw, smiling signals friendliness and encourages positive interactions. People are drawn more to people who seem happy, even after controlling for perceived physical attractiveness. As a result, people with a propensity to display genuine happiness are likely to enjoy quality social relationships. This pattern has shown up several times in some remarkable studies.

Then there is also the power a smile has when shared with others. It’s pretty awesome how you can turn someone’s whole day around with just a smile. Let’s face it, smiling is contagious, similar to a yawn. So, you’re not only passing hope and happiness on to someone, you’re helping them to smile as well and feel those good vibes.

Smile at those around you, those you care about deeply, your family and friends. Also share a smile to those you come in contact with on a daily basis, your coworkers, the woman at Starbucks, strangers on the street or train. Smile at anyone who looks like they could use one. A smile really can turn someone’s day around. It is the human condition to be connected. By lending a smile, you are reaching out to your fellow man and connecting. I would encourage you to smile often.