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Patients combine dental care with a sunny and happy Miami vacation!

Most tourists who seek dental solutions and treatments outside their cities or countries look for top specialists when advanced oral rehabilitation is required, and a sunny and happy destination to enjoy while going through treatment.

In most cases, and most importantly, it’s the rehabilitation of oral health that motivates each patient. A smile is worth more than a thousand words and why not get that smile in a sunny, wonderful place?! Miami, as you may know, was re-elected in 2019 the happiest city in the United States (according to the Mindbody Wellness Index).

“People who smile send a kind of signal to all the good things that revolve around them. That’s why they’re happier. I see this every day with my patients who come from all over the country and the world to do a complete oral rehabilitation. During the treatment, which will bring them the perfect smile for which they traveled here, they can also enjoy the best that the city has to offer! ” says Dr. Bruno Sharp, 4th generation dentist and president of Sharp Dentistry & Associates.

People come to Sharp Dentistry mainly for veneers and dental implants, which are the real driver of dental tourism. From the placement of a single dental implant to a complete replacement of amalgam silver fillings (following the IAOMT safe amalgam removal protocol) or a complete rehabilitation treatment, our goal is to build or rebuild perfect smiles. And, in doing so, turning our clinic into the # 1 choice for Miami dental tourism.

A final recommendation for out-of-town patients. Please contact us in advance to make arrangements for a tele pre-appointment with your doctor in order to make any questions regarding your treatment. You can do it by phone/WhatsApp (+1.305.857.0990) or e-mail ([email protected]).