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Summer Vacation with Smiles

Tips for Healthy Summer Smiles

Summer sun! summer fun! While warm months are perfect for spending time together, summer vacation can also throw off your usual dental routine. Here are some ways to prevent summertime tooth decay:

Stay on a routine

Whether your kids are staying up late to enjoy a fireworks show and play, resist the temptation to skip brushing before a late bedtime—or let it slide when they sleep in the next morning. It’s crucial to keep your oral care routine over the summer. Be consistent, it’s very important to brush and floss for the entire family!

No matter how eventful the upcoming months become, supervise that kids are brushing three times a day for 2 minutes. Brushing alongside your children for 2 minutes, three times a day for the three months of summer gives you 6 extra hours together, so make it FUN!

Clean between those teeth once a day. Children should be flossing between any two teeth that touch. Little children may need assistance and guidance from an adult to floss.

Say no to sugary drinks and snacks

During summer time it’s common for families to skip the routine while enjoying the outdoors and drinking lemonade, juices, and sodas that are high in sugar, instead, drink water to beat the heat or milk with meals. Take a break from snacking, it allows time for saliva to bathe the teeth, wash away leftover food and get stronger. If you spend more time at home, preparing healthy meals together can be fun!

Make your back-to-school dental visit early

Back-to-School checkups can be a good way to be sure your child’s teeth stayed healthy during the summer. Make your child’s back-to-school appointment early in the summer to avoid the August rush and help ensure you get the appointment time that works best for you. Visiting the dentist regularly can help your family smile stay healthy all year long.