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Why to Choose a Dentist Specialist?

You should consider which Miami emergency dentist to visit since good oral health affects your whole health. We recommend going to a real dental specialist in Miami so that your smile can get the care it needs.

We see a lot of patients who request our advice, and most of the time, we determine that their diagnosis and course of therapy need to be corrected. You should consider a dentist’s qualifications and other factors, including patient ratings, the practice’s location, and hours. It’s crucial to choose the right specialist. We care about what will benefit our patients the most.

  • Specialists Are Highly Trained

The American Dental Association has officially recognized several different areas of dentistry. A dentist must complete many years of post-dental-school study to be recognized as a specialist in one of these areas. This means they have a solid grasp on more than just the fundamentals of oral health and can provide patients with more comprehensive treatment.

We have four remarkable specialists in our office that are prepared to do their very best for your smile in the areas of cosmetics and complete oral rehabilitation:

  • Bruno Sharp comes from a century-old family of dentists. He is a fourth-generation prosthodontist. Dr. Sharp began his lavish dentistry office in Coconut Grove, Miami, in 2000. His cutting-edge clinic treats patients in an exquisite environment that has become synonymous with the renowned sharp signature smile.
  • Bernard Segall, DMD, of Sharp Dentistry & Associates in Coconut Grove, Florida, is a prosthodontist. In the Miami region, he provides specialist and general cosmetic dental procedures to his patients. Dr. Bernard Segall is an active member of the Dade County professional community and has served as president of several organizations, including the American Cancer Society (ACS), the Miami Beach Dental Society (MBDS), the Dade County Dental Research Clinic (DCDRC), and Alpha Omega Dental Fraternity (AODF).
  • Marianna Pasciuta, DDS, MS, is a Prosthodontist at Sharp Dentistry & Associates. She offers specialist prosthetic and restorative dental care for people who have tooth wear, missing, carious, or shattered teeth, or unattractive smiles. Her treatment methodology is founded on minimally invasive and preservation dentistry concepts and includes a careful examination of the patient’s esthetics and functional demands.

Dr. Liliana Aranguren, DDS, is board certified in periodontics and dental implant surgery. She serves patients at Sharp Dentistry & Associates located in Coconut Grove, a neighborhood in Miami, Florida.

In 2013, Dr. Aranguren completed her residency at the University of Connecticut in Mansfield in advanced education in general dentistry. She went on to complete another residency at the same school in periodontics and a master’s degree in dental sciences at the same school in periodontics and a master’s degree in dental sciences.

She is originally from Venezuela and graduated from the University of Zulia in Maracaibo, Venezuela, in 2002 with the highest honors. Dr. Aranguren specializes in a full range of periodontal and implant procedures with an emphasis on regenerative, minimally invasive and esthetic periodontics, immediate loading implant dentistry, accelerated orthodontics, and dental technology applications.

She is certified in conscious sedation, Yomi, Neocis Robotic Implant Surgery, LANAP®, Invisalign®, and DSD.

  • Saving Money by Doing It Right the First Time

To restore your smile and dental health, you may need to see a professional if you have serious difficulties. If you try to save money by going to a regular dentist instead, you might regret it. If you go to a generic dentist, they may fail your treatment, and you’ll require expensive corrective work later because they lack the expertise to manage complex cases. Save yourself time, energy, and money by going to an expert for the first time around and having the problem fixed properly.

  • No Job Is Too Small

Specialist dentists are trained to deal with the most difficult and comprehensive dental problems. But even if you’re merely curious about general dentistry, they may still be interested in seeing you. Regular checkups and cleanings are essential to maintaining a beautiful smile. Specialists are happy to give these treatments because they care deeply about bringing the advantages of a healthy, attractive mouth to as many people as possible.

Your smile is more than just a cosmetic enhancement for your selfies; it has significant health benefits as well. Don’t risk anything less than the greatest dental treatment possible by entrusting it to anybody.

About the Dentist

Dr. Sharp, in collaboration with Dr. Bernard Segall, a prominent maxillofacial prosthodontist, has formed a team of associates in all dental specialties who provide a comprehensive approach to modern dentistry under one roof. If you want to visit him and discuss your oral health issues, please call our clinic at 305-857-0990.