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7 Ways Veneers Can Enhance Your Smile

From Tooth Discoloration To Misalignments, Veneers Effectively Fix Many Smile Concerns. Click Here To Learn More About How Veneers Can Enhance Your Smile.

No one has perfect teeth despite what you might see as you scroll through your social media feed. But, with advances in dental tools and techniques, you have many cosmetic dentistry options that can enhance your smile.

At Sharp Dentistry in Coconut Grove, Florida, we specialize in the art of creating your perfect smiles. Dr. Bruno Sharp and our experts use many tools to fix dental flaws, enhance smiles, and change lives, including veneers.

Here, we want to share with you some ways veneers can fix your concerns and enhance your smile.

1. Cover up a chipped tooth

Your teeth are the strongest bones in your body, but they’re not indestructible. Chipped teeth are a common dental injury often caused by a bad fall or from biting on hard foods like candy or ice.

Veneers are thin porcelain shells we place over the front of your teeth to change their shape, color, and size. They also cover up smile flaws like a chipped tooth.

2. Strengthen cracked teeth

Cracked teeth not only affect your appearance but also make your tooth more vulnerable to decay-causing bacteria. Without treatment, a cracked tooth can lead to cavities or tooth loss.

Veneers make the perfect cosmetic and dental fix for cracked teeth. The strong porcelain shells restore your tooth’s healthy appearance while strengthening its structure, blocking bacteria, and reducing the risk of further damage.

3. Whiten and brighten

Teeth whitening is a popular dental cosmetic treatment. But it can’t fix all types of tooth discolorations. Custom-tinted veneers make the perfect solution if you have deep stains that fail to respond to teeth whitening treatments.

When applied to a discolored tooth, a dental veneer instantly whitens and brightens that tooth, restoring a beautiful and healthy smile. With veneers, we can fix one tooth or all of your teeth. And with custom tinting, our veneers naturally blend in with all of your teeth.

4. Fill in gaps

Like cracked teeth, gaps in between teeth are a potential dental problem. Those tiny spaces between your teeth are notoriously hard to clean, making it the ideal environment for sticky plaque and decay-causing bacteria.

By closing gaps, veneers enhance your smile while eliminating those spaces that lead to future dental problems.

5. Improve symmetry

A perfect smile requires symmetry between your teeth and gums. If you have small teeth, you may have “gummy smile,” meaning there’s too much gum and not enough teeth.

Because we custom-shape veneers to fit your teeth and mouth, we can create veneers that enlarge your small teeth, improving symmetry and eliminating your gummy smile.

6. Conceal misalignments

Serious alignment issues benefit from orthodontic care. However, if you have one crooked or out-of-place tooth, veneers may make a better option for you. Veneers quickly conceal the misalignment, fixing your dental flaw and enhancing your smile.

7. Create a healthier look

Worn or misshapen teeth dramatically age your smile. With veneers, you can restore the contours of your teeth, so your smile looks younger and healthier.

From cracks to discoloration, veneers fix many common dental flaws and cosmetic concerns, giving you that near-perfect smile you see everywhere.

To learn more about veneers and how they can enhance your smile, call our office or schedule an appointment online today.