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Does Getting Dental Implants Hurt?

You May Know That Dental Implants Are The Best Way To Replace Your Missing Teeth. But If You’re Afraid It’ll Hurt, That Might Prevent You From Making An Appointment. Here’s Why There’s Nothing To Fear From Dental Implants.

For more than five decades, dental implants have been the go-to treatment for missing teeth, and their unsurpassed effectiveness have made them the gold standard. However, while the popularity of dental implants has skyrocketed recently — more than 500,000 people a year get them — some folks still put off scheduling the procedure because they think it might be painful.

If you’ve been letting fear of pain stand between you and a full set of teeth, here’s some great news — dental implants don’t hurt.

If you’ve ever had a filling or a root canal, then you know what to expect from a dental implant. At Sharp Dentistry in Coconut Grove, Florida, Dr. Bruno Sharp and our extensive team of dental experts use advanced technology and the latest techniques to ensure you stay comfortable throughout your dental implant procedure.

Dental implants aren’t your only choice when it comes to replacing missing teeth; dentures and bridges can also do the trick. Our experienced prosthodontists help you navigate your treatment options so you can decide which is best for you.

But if fear of potential pain has stopped you from considering dental implants, we’re here to dispel that myth and let you know how dental implants can give you the most natural-looking smile — painlessly.

Why consider dental implants?

While dentures and bridges can certainly solve the aesthetic problem of missing teeth, they can’t replicate your natural teeth the way dental implants can. To secure your new dental implants, we start by inserting a titanium post into your jawbone to act as a substitute for your natural tooth root. The post eventually fuses with your jawbone in a process known as osseointegration over three to six months.

The post provides a strong foundation that gives you a more secure fit than dentures, which simply rest over your gums. Without an anchor in your jawbone, dentures don’t stimulate cell renewal and bone growth, so you’re vulnerable to bone loss.

As your gums and jaw change over time, you may find that your dentures don’t fit properly and begin to irritate your gums. With dental implants, you can avoid this type of discomfort because they stay in place.

Dental implants are versatile

There’s no question about it — dental implants are a great solution if you’ve knocked out a tooth or lost one to deep decay. But these ultra-natural-looking solutions can also stand in for several missing teeth or a full arch if necessary.

The dental implant posts can also serve as a secure base for implant-supported dentures. Your dentures still remain removable but they’re solidly attached without the need for denture plates that cover the roof of your mouth.

Dental implants are painless

Despite the clear advantages of dental implants, they can’t do you any good if fear prevents you from considering them. There’s a common misconception that dental implants are painful, but the good news is that getting dental implants comes with only minor discomfort comparable to getting a filling, thanks to modern techniques and sedation.

Whether you’re already missing a tooth or you need an extraction, you can expect your dental implant treatment to involve several steps, and we keep you comfortable from beginning to end. All phases of your journey begin with numbing the area and may include anesthesia.

At Sharp Dentistry, we use modern dental imaging technology to precisely place the titanium post. This technique is the main reason we can perform your dental implant treatment with minimal tissue damage and pain.

You may have some mild discomfort immediately following your dental implant procedure, such as swelling, bruising, or minor bleeding, but these symptoms should subside over the next day or two, and they respond well to over-the-counter pain medication. We may also prescribe antibiotics or prescription pain medication if necessary, but many of our patients report zero pain while their jawbone and implant fuse together to form a solid base.

If the thought of a painful procedure was keeping you from considering dental implants, you can proceed without fear. Schedule a consultation at Sharp Dentistry to find out if dental implants are right for you. Call us today or book online.