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Why do we say “cheese” to smile when taking photographs?

You certainly have already asked yourself this question: where did the custom of saying “say cheese” in front of a camera (or, more likely these days, in front of a cell phone) come from? The answer is very simple: the sound of the word ‘cheese’ helps the mouth to achieve a position where the teeth are shown while the lips open sideways, very similar to a smile. But someone had to make the association between this particular word and the act of taking a picture.

There’s no hard evidence on the matter, but one of the first references dates back to the year 1943, according to Yahoo Finance. The subject was brought up by the local Texas newspaper called The Big Spring Herald in an article titled “Need To Put On A Smile? Here’s How: Say Cheese.

Former US ambassador to the Soviet Union, Joseph E. Davies, explained that saying cheese always provided you with an automatic smile, no matter what you were thinking.The question then is from whom Mr. Davies learned this trick. He said: “I learned that from a politician (…) An astute politician, a very great politician. But, of course, I cannot tell you who he was…”.

Mr. Davies served under Franklin D. Roosevelt’s term so it’s fair to assume the president told him about the trick – although he never mentioned the president’s name.

Ensure a beautiful smile in every photo

So now you know that saying ‘cheese’ on photographs helps you show a natural smile, but how about ensuring that your smile is as beautiful as it could be? This is where modern dentistry comes in.

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