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Our mission is to make sure you can always smile for the camera.

Even though the photography camera was invented in the late 1820s, it took more than a century for people to start smiling in the photos. And the reason for this behavior is believed to be quite simple: bad teeth. With very few exceptions, people preferred a close-lipped image to one that would show a not so beautiful smile.

According to experts, another reason for the lack of smiles in old photographs is that it took too long to take a photo, so people couldn’t hold a smile the necessary time. Although the argument makes sense, in two or three decades the cameras were already sophisticated enough to capture images in a few seconds. Even so, smiles continued to be absent from the vast majority of photos we know from that extremely long period.

Actually, it took more than a century for the pattern to change, and the change coincides with the multiplication of schools and professionals in the field of dentistry, in addition to achievements in dental treatments. People with healthier teeth began to feel more confident to smile, both in social settings and in photos.

The Sharp Dentistry Legacy

Dr. Sharp’s family has had the privilege of witnessing this change. It all started in 1906 with the first Sharp Dental Office in Rio de Janeiro and continued with the baton being passed down from generation to generation. The fourth professional in the family’s timeline, Dr. Bruno Sharp has been in Miami for 20 years as a specialist in the restoration and replacement of teeth and is commonly heralded as “a plastic surgeon of dentistry.”

More and more people have a desire to look and feel better, so cosmetic surgery is a booming practice,” says Dr. Sharp. “Prosthodontists significantly improve a patient’s self-image and quality of life by creating a great smile where one didn’t exist before – or by making an already dazzling smile even better.

Dr. Bruno Sharp has undergone extended education and rigorous training in an American Dental Association (ADA) accredited graduate institution. Thanks to this, Dr. Sharp has the special skills and understanding of the dynamics of the smile.

With his team of specialists, Dr. Sharp helps patients by restoring the full use of damaged teeth by nightly grinding, decay or nerve damage, traumatic injuries, gum disease, loss of jawbone due to disease or birth defects, aging and bone shrinkage. They provide the necessary complex care management and supervision, as well as continuing care.

And all this effort is to accomplish Dr. Sharp’s mission: to make sure that, in front of a camera, you will never have the constraints of our ancestors. On the contrary, you will always be ready to give a big and perfect smile.